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What is Rakeback?

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Rakeback is return of a percentage of the rake generated. It seems that is the same as a bonus but the difference is that the rakeback is continous and paid every month.

Most important is final percentage of commisions returned by the poker room to player. Many rakeback promotions have no transparent conditions and sometimes players see that is not real rakeback that was promised at the website promotions.

Poker rooms usually return 40%- 70% of comisions to players including bonus, freerolls, rewards, points or rakeback. Many Poker rooms donĀ“t offer rakeback directly but compensate the players with rewards or special bonus and tournaments.

Rakeback usually is a good option to players in middle-high levels or players who play much time at low levels also can be favourable. For this reason a player who's playing poker dalily a monthly rakeback rewards could be better than complete a new welcome bonus from any poker room.

There are a large number of webpages offering rakeback to affiliates. Players can obtain big benefits besides freerolls and freemoney promotions.

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